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1. The metabolism of streamer should be divided at the age of year, and the day has no intention of judging the withering. Break the firecracker, and laugh at the peach charm through the dwelling portal. New complications win like a struggle, and ice Ke is not alone in the evening festival. It is the Central Plains Salary Day, who can get drunk in Tu Su!

2. The sound of firecrackers is loud all around, and every household smiles. The Year of the Rat flies by like water, while the jade cattle are invited slowly. Spring warms the water, night chill. Enjoying songs and dancing. Laughing and talking, I wish you good health in the coming year.

3. When you come to the south to see the old cloud ridge, you are afraid to walk for life. When you are old, you are afraid of the new calendar day, and you will return to learn the old Taofu. Fireworks have become youthful, and frost and snow tend to look for sick people. However, I beat my poverty to grow up, and I did not hesitate to drink Tu Su at last.

4. At midnight, I suddenly heard firecrackers ringing, and after three times, it was as quiet as ever. It's amazing to celebrate the new year with a wide heart.

5. Celebrate the lanterns, make dumplings, and dance yangko and drum music. People want to get drunk in the spring breeze of the bright moon.

6. A cup of tea with walnuts and melon seeds, and old gauze in drizzle and dusk. At the end of each year, you sigh, and go out with a smile and set off fireworks.

7. Sail suddenly entered the poem, and Xu Kaixiang celebrated his new year. Looking back at the past, the Singapore dollar smiles at the new sky. Children who return to their hometown are loyal and filial, and the duty staff are beautiful. Fame and fortune are indifferent, and family reunion is boundless.

8. The door opens and explodes to meet the God of Wealth, and the households enjoy the auspicious wind in spring. Greet each other, sing auspicious language, and make new clothes beautiful and pleasing people.

9. The domain used to be a good family, but it was perfect to know each other. After dark, the red candles are drawn up, waiting for the feast of shou sui, the next of friends. During the banquet, the singing girls sang " the plum blossom" old music, everyone drank the new steamed Bai wine, push cup exchange, occasionally will have the game of drinker's betting. The author is now wandering around and enjoying the past, a year and a year of the past.

10. The spring mountains and sky are new, and the spring breeze begins with ten thousand spring. Turui spring shoots spring day, and sprouting spring buds shine on spring people. Endure to see the blue hair dyed with white hair, and suddenly feel the world of mortals from crying birds. The world rejoices in the new year, and the Big Dipper turns to firecrackers.

11. I feel that this Huaguang is precious, and the world celebrates the new year. Spring willows wave, and brew tea cooks wine and invites drunkenness.

12. Half the Tu Su is still not lifted, and the grass writes peach charms before the lamp.

13. finch-notes and swallow-notes tell the new year, but so far are the Town of the Horse and the Dragon Mound. Home live in the capital adjacent to the Han palace garden, the heart with the moon fly to the edge of the Hu Tian. Brocade palindrome tell the long hate of missing, upstairs flowering branch to make fun of me still single. Excuse me, your coach, general Liu dou xian, when the army marched back to the stone tablet.

14. Looking forward to the New Year in childhood, remembering parents' lucky money. Fu Man's children and grandchildren are lucky and can't sleep every New Year's Eve.

15. Go back and have a reunion, pour wine and cook food for the old league. At one time, I waved my sleeves with sorrow and joy, and spent my heart reaching the New Year.

16. Xiao Shu's white hair is not full, and he has wasted his sleep in the furnace. Cut candles to dry night snack wine, and spend every penny to buy spring money. Listen to the childlike innocence of burning firecrackers, and see how to change the peach charms. Add a plum blossom to the drum horn, and even laugh and worship the New Year.

17. The east wind blows away the snow on the plum shoots, saving the world in spring overnight. From then on, Yangchun should have feet, and flowers should be rich and grass spirit.

18. This evening will be decided, and this evening will be divided. Luan children, enjoy the lights around the furnace. However, when you change from festival to festival, you will feel old with each passing day, and the trace is still floating. Everything is so old, talk about it as an old peach charm. Ren Dongfeng blows his temples and plays Confucianism. Shao Yan Zhuang teeth, carry people like a colt in the gap. The cup still pours the wax wine, and the leaking arrow has spread in the spring night, so where does it not sing? I wish I could grow poor and healthy, and live happily.

19. Qin Yun is lonely. It is a light day, and the New Year is in middle age.

20. The cold lights in the hotel can't sleep alone, so what happens to the customers? My hometown thinks thousands of miles tonight, and the frost burns the Ming Dynasty for another year.

21. Do it tonight, and hurry tomorrow next year. Cold goes with the night, and spring comes every five times. Look air change, appearance then just back. Scenery people don't feel it, and they are enjoying the plum in the back garden.

22. In five blessings, dry Kun firecrackers are noisy. The sun shines around the ball, and the moon is round in the heart. Review the past in the south of the city. Dance when you smell chicken, talk about spring without snow.

23. The cold is rare, and the dawn opens, and Ziyun Xiangrui comes by the wind. Everyone respects and brightens, while thousands of families honor and prefer Taiwan. I had to be blessed to drive away tigers, but the song year brought in wealth. Snow is clean and strong in the new year, and dreams are more predictable.

24. I often hear it, and children are busy with whipping. Every family is blessed, and everyone is happy.

25. The east wind warms the New Year, and the festival is peaceful and bright. Jihai sang songs on New Year's Eve, and the Spring Festival mice talk about reunion.

26. Fulu Group gathers treasures with fragrance, and everything is prosperous and celebrated. The red robe is added to the world, and the master of Gankun rises step by step. The harvest of grain is spring and willow, and the words of happy ever after are abundant.

27. I've had a glass of wine for years, so why should I look back? Fireworks can't be scattered across the bank, and wine is boiled slowly under the shadow of plum blossoms.

28. Hotel cold lights can't sleep alone, so what happens to customers is sad. My hometown thinks thousands of miles tonight, and the frost burns the Ming Dynasty for another year.

29. Ten books still lie, such as flowing and moving. Looking at the family and offering a birthday is a long-term hatred. Cold is passed down from the virtual, and the lonely lamp is absolutely made up. Who should ask the poor, cry more.

30. Xinrui welcomes the spring and is warm, and it grows year by year. It's like a flowing cloud for another year, and it's fun to meet friends in life.


1. welcome the new year with the sound of firecrackers, and celebrate the new year with thousands of weather. La goes with the night when it's cold. Happy family and wish Kang 'an.

2. New words and new words welcome the New Year, and the new year is full of flavor. Fast green diet? Once you have it, you will be happy to drink and share your heart.

3. Ten thousand guns sounded and shook for nine days, and the golden dragon danced brightly. China celebrates sleepless nights together, and raises a poem to kick and spin!

4. A hundred herbs are fragrant in the charcoal stove, and Tu Su decocts wine instead of pepper. Lai had no visitors in Ming Dynasty, and the mud was one foot deep after snow.

5. Flowers and husbands share the same age and are cold, so they can sit there regardless of the sound leakage. Move the bottle and turn it into a horizontal shadow, stick it on the casement for painting.

6. Plum blossoms are in full bloom, so it is better to come slowly when you are old. There is no time to leak the spring scenery, so there is no need to rush the flute and drum.

7. Only those who are satisfied are always happy. I wish you good luck in the Spring Festival, everything goes well and your family is happy.

8. Xinrui welcomes the spring and is warm, and it grows year by year. It's like a flowing cloud for another year, and it's fun to meet friends in life.

9. Rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea are all in other people's homes. There is nothing light at the end of the year, and plum blossoms are seen in Zhutang Temple.

10. There are more than a thousand auspicious clouds to celebrate, and a hundred blessings to celebrate the New Year! Qingshan is still there, and there are blessings every year! My friend, the new year is the icing on the cake!

11. The new calendar comes with a red page, and the light is thick at the beginning of Kaiyuan morning. Though cold, my heart is hot, and I am glad to praise the world in every year.

12. More firecrackers are noisy all over the city, and the purple gas comes to Fuzhaomen in the east. Yu Niu resigned from the rat on New Year's Eve, and the spring breeze turned to dry Kun overnight.

13. Celebrate the New Year's laughter, and the Red Rock scholar gives plum blossoms. —— Dong Biwu's "New Year's Day Occupy Liu Yazi Huairen Rhyme"

14. Jun Li Tianjiao made a car, and the book was written with a golden book. Gradually pass through the mountains of Qingzhong Township, hoping to reach the beginning of Huangqing's target language. Adjusting the angle is cold and the edge of the city is color-shifting, while the autumn moraine is sparse. How many days do you travel with a standard? You should see the age on the way. -Jia Dao's "Send Yu Zhongcheng to make Uighur Book"

15. A year will end at night, and thousands of miles will not return. -Dai Shulun's "In addition to staying at Stone"

16. Thousands of laughter are delayed, and worries are hidden from things. The man standing tall on the stone bridge seems to be in the world, gazing at the sky, but seeing a star as the moon. -Huang Jingren's "Gui has been married on New Year's Eve"

17. The poor, the dark and the dark. Reduce green temples and damage Zhu Yan. When will the fame lead the service idle? Also surprised, one year old round. Advise you not to sleep tonight. And full, pan-boat. Everyone has a feast in Shen Zui. May the New Year be better than the old year. -yang wuzhen, "double geese, new year's eve"

18. Shousui Arong's house, the pepper plate has already celebrated flowers. It's killing horses, burning torches and scattering forest crows. Forty years after the Ming Dynasty, the twilight scene was oblique. Who can be more restrained, getting drunk is a career. -Du Fu's Du Wei Zhai Shou Sui

19. Every household always changes the new peach for the old one. -Wang Anshi's Yuan Day

20. It's not too early to see a few mistakes. Is it easy to borrow money from your neighbors, and why shame your allusions? More than a few cold, little bear right. Wild burn back to green, spring mountain full fern eu. —— Fang Hui's Nearly Two Rhymes on New Year's Eve of Bingxu

21. Life is blurred, and you dare to say who will die in the Central Plains. Self-cultivation of strange bones in the ice, temporary teaching of good sentences belongs to eyebrow-lifting. Unreasonable songs cry because of the long night, and matured tail yin and yang wins at this time. Some people dance with chickens, and hate to leak in front of the lights. —— Tan Sitong's New Year's Eve

22. If you fail, you will be lonely. The old country is thousands of miles away, and the New Year is even more frequent. The cold is still close to the north, and the wind gradually rises eastward. But when you see Chang 'an stranger, the morning bell burns the city. Attentive cherish this night, this night in the prowl. Don't return the candle after the end of the year, and the rooster crows old and updates. Nuo Sheng Fang went to the disease, and the color of wine has already welcomed the spring. Who will be the last person to hold the cup tomorrow? -Lu Tong's "except the night"

23. If you are ill, you are too careless and too sparse. Self-pity becomes uncle's night, who is as good as recommendation. I love to think about old age, and laugh at old age. Trace idle temple lodge, head warm near order comb. After the spring is poor and the winter is poor, the old things are born with the sun. Many leaves don't sweep, but new hoes are rooted in the path. After all, you are tired and old. Hide the sword is a fish, because he must see the image. Yin Lu is ashamed of his efficiency, and many books are written by him. Pay know will draw up, don't make waves hesitate. -Xue Neng's "With Cao Shiyu except for the night"

24. The cold lights are dear to the hotel who asks each other. Tonight is the last night of the year, and I was wandering away from home in ten thousand miles. Looking back on the past, it is a matter of nothing, sad sad; Lonely I only have a wry smile and acid. Sorrow makes my face grow old, white hair is full of hair, in a sigh, and ushered in a new year. -Dai Shulun's "In addition to staying at Stone"

25. Cut the red, cut the green, and send flowers to the letter. Don't let the old China go if the east wind is broken. Some people add candles to the west window, never sleep and invade dawn, and laughter turns to New Year's greetings. Old respect. Jade fiber used to break yellow orange, and soft fragrance is a kind of delicate element. Return to Dream Lake, but also get lost in Mirror Road. Poor thousand-point Wu Shuang, with endless cold sales, is relatively rainy. -Wu Wenying, "Zhu Yingtai is near, except for beginning of spring"

26. Life will be exhausted with each passing year. -Wen Tianxiang's "except the night"

27. To lead Nuo Sui to chaos, people can't think well when they play. False fire and dust turtle Pubei, no reason, Umbrella Phoenix south of the city. The time limit for retiring an official is the same as that of Yuan, and the feelings of the old are shared except for the night. Mo Daoming grew old at the beginning, and this spring was in the top three. -Yuan Zhen's "Lotte in addition to night pay"

28. My family lives in Kansai, and I am traveling in Hebei. During the depression, he stayed in Da Zhou. —— Bai Juyi's "In addition to staying in Zhangzhou at night"

29. The sea of clouds is pan-Oumin, and the tide is on the shore of the island. He knows how to spend the night in his hometown. Yu is a passenger, but you are a passerby. In my life, I have recovered a few, and I don't have more than ten springs. —— Meng Haoran, "In addition to the night, Lecheng meets Zhang Shaofu"

30. Keep the old age with many candles, and keep the door open all night. When the sorrow is dark, the spring scenery will return to the bright future. At the beginning of the jade bucket tour, the milky way falls gradually. Open is offering the New Year's wine, thousands of miles away. —— Ding Xianzhi, "Keeping the Year in Beijing"


1. New Year's Eve is even two years old, and the bell at zero is divided into two years. beginning of spring watches the Spring Festival Evening during the Spring Festival, and the whole country celebrates and reunites.

2. The sound of firecrackers in addition to the old age, every family will be in the evening smoke. The fragrant tea leaves the red wine, and the blessings are more common.

3. Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and enjoy a happy life. Years are rushing like the wind, and wealth is greeted by happiness.

4. The east wind blows away the snow on the plum shoots, saving the whole world in spring overnight. From then on, Yangchun should have feet, and flowers should be rich and grass spirit.

5. The New Year of the Ox is good, and sleeping in the New Year is fragrant. Chinese New Year's health is great, and Chinese New Year's wealth is flourishing.

6. The twelfth day of the first month is still the year, with wine, fish and leisure. Think and let go, happy day is day by day.

7. People who smile like flowers are the most beautiful and keep saying New Year's greetings. Come and visit talents frequently, and have a happy New Year.

8. Colorful night sky, welcome the new and bid farewell to the old Kyushu. Happy new year, rich people and strong country.

9. In the sound of firecrackers, wax has been damaged, and crisp wine warms candles and flowers are cold. Hazy dawn cage spring scenery, then feel the scenery is unusual.

10. New Year with a new look and a new beginning in winter and spring. It's safe to pay your debts without paying them. Don't let the old ones cross the New Year.

11. Sticking Spring Festival couplets will celebrate the New Year, and no one can suspect that the words are good and ugly. Anyway, the meaning is almost the same. Bless and wish to make money.

12. The year moves to make the Spring Festival, and taste the new tea product Jichen. I have wished the setting sun to rest later, and I have smoked and dyed the dust of Zhenge.

13. Have a family reunion in the New Year and wish you all Anson in the coming year. Saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new God of Wealth, firecrackers sounded loud.

14. at the beginning of the new year, the people's spirit is renewed in Vientiane. Happy and auspicious, everything goes well, don't leave traces of the past.

15. New sentences wear the old rhyme atmosphere at the beginning, and the years don't live up to the good spirit. Iraqis laugh outside the plum blossom, and then write beauty into spring.

16. I get drunk every day when I get together in the New Year, just because I love drinking too much. When you wake up, you will regret it, which is hateful and difficult to control.

17. The law turns to Hongjun with good spirit, and the shoulder rubs the hub to strike happily. You don't have to face the eastern suburbs. Spring is among thousands of families.

18. On New Year's Eve, the world is full of pride and happiness. Raise a glass and drink together to celebrate, and make peace for the nation and the people.

19. On the tenth day of the first month, we burn incense, tea and worship stones. Offer some cakes and buns, and there will be no trouble in the new year.

20. In the sound of firecrackers, another year, time flies by 30 arrows. Lai Yi plays children's dance, winning the lucky money in the high hall.


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